FIFA World Cup 2014 The Grand Finale

Well it is time for the big guns to come out, the knockout stage of the world cup begins from today. After an absolutely thrilling group stage which saw many of the heavyweights and former champions like Spain, Italy, England and Portugal eliminated we finally have our line up of the knockout stage.

As expected the South American teams have done very well so far with 5 of the 6 advancing to the knockout stages. The group stage saw teams like Germany, Netherland and France impress while strong favorites Brazil also have done quite well with Neymar leading the team well with four goals. Another player sitting comfortably on the top with four goals is Lionel Messi, arguably the best player in the world never to have won a World Cup, Messi has been carrying Argentina on his shoulders so far and it remains to be seen if Messi can finally take them till the end in his 3rd World Cup.

You can't see anyone out of these five winning the World Cup but the knockout stages are just beginning and here one mistake will get you out of the tournament so you can never be sure what this tournament will throw out, we just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the biggest tournament in the world.

Here is Final and 3rd place match fixtures with BST (UK) and Eastern Time EST (USA & Canada)
DateTime (BST/ET)Fixture & Results
12th July9 pm./4 pmBrazil 0-3 Netherlands
13th July8 pm./3 pmGermany 1-0 Argentina