Liverpool vs Arsenal 2-2 Highlights 30 January, 2013

Preview: Two teams who got big names and wide range of supporters got many difficulties in English Premier League 12-13 and current managers wrath is exceeding it's highest peak which was caused for slender managers are confident and intending to win this game somehow because losing of points will be very anxiously for them. Both managers got an archangel but the team performance aspect is that the players are is sideline because of injury and it is elusive that which team will win these three vital points and the Derby game. Apparently it will be astonishing that which manager tactics will worked well on 30th Jan, 2013 in Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal will be taking on Liverpool on Wednesday evening on 19:45 GMT. Its the derby game between two REDS on one hand and on other hand there is KOPS. Arsene Wenger wanted to win because he would not let anyone conserve the 4th spot where Brenden Rodger got same intentions as the KOPS fans wanted to see their team in next year UEFA champions league. Both teams got great invading players and their set pieces are pretty dangerous in Barclay's Premier League.

Arsenal got 37 points while Liverpool have 34 points. Both teams are desperate to win further trophies for their sides.

Arsenal team last five matches stats are
  • Won against Brighton by 3-2 in FA Cup 4th round match
  • Won against West Ham by 5-1 in EPL match
  • Lost against Chelsea by 1-2 in BPL match
  • Won against Swansea by 1-0 in FA Cup 3rd round match
  • Lost against Man City by 0-2 in EPL match
Liverpool team last five matches stats are
  • Lost against Oldham by 2-3
  • Won against Norwich by 5-0
  • Lost against Man Utd by 1-2
  • Won against Mansfield by 2-1
  • Won against Sunderland by 3-0
Result: Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal
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